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The Big Party Box

The Big Party Box

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Everything you need to make it a party! We paired our Full Gold Cocktail Set with sweet and salty crowd-favorites, plus cocktail favorites like garnishes and organic syrup. We've thrown in some of our favorite crunchy coated nuts, popcorns, and chewy dark chocolate covered caramels.

We've spent our fair share of time behind the bar, so we've picked out the kinds of tools we actually like to use. Sturdy and well-made with a beautiful gold finish that complements any space. We've created a perfectly-complete gold bar kit with everything you need to make shaken, stirred, or muddled cocktails the right way. This set also includes a professional crystal mixing glass, 2 solid crystal whiskey glasses, a large silicone square ice tray with a handy lid to lock in spills, and a beautiful handmade olive wood cutting board for citrus and garnishes.  Upgrade any home bar with high-quality, professional-grade tools, plated in gold.

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We take pride in building the best boxes FULL of our favorite snacks and high-quality gifts. 


Our Favorites in this box are:

Gold Parisian Cocktail Shaker - There’s no reason a barware essential has to look basic too. Shake up your bar collection with a contoured gold version of a classic French-style shaker and let standard shakers take silver. Accommodates 25 Oz Comfortably

Gold Makoto Jigger  - Cast in lustrous gold with a band that separates its one- and two-ounce sections, the interior of each side of our professional Japanese-style double jigger is scored with pinpoint mixology measurements (1.5, 0.75 and 0.5 ounces).

Gold Hawthorne Strainer - An unobtrusive flat handle, broad face and tightly coiled spring define our professional-grade copper Hawthorne strainer, while two symmetrical sets of perforations provide the bonus of making split pours second nature.

Gold Bar Stirring Spoon - Designed for the smoothest swizzling and stirring, this classic teardrop-tipped barspoon twists its way from a concave spoon bowl along a 40 centimeter stem to end in a perfectly rounded head.

Beechwood Muddler - Smoothly contoured, substantial yet lightweight, this hardwood muddler features a unique sanded curve, flat mashing base and knotted strap for grabbing off the bar cart or hanging up within reach.

Professional Crystal Mixing Glass - Designed and sized for expert bartending, the 500 milliliter professional grade mixing glass accommodates one or two drinks and works smoothly in allegiance with our professional bar spoons and strainers.

Set of (2) Crystal Whiskey Glasses - Perfect for an Old Fashioned or neat whisky, the weight and clarity of these double old fasioned glasses will elevate the experience of savoring your favorite aged spirits or any sipping cocktail.

Large Square Ice Tray - Create ice cubes with precision and symmetry in this flexible silicone tray. Upgrade a classic manhattan, an old fashioned, or simply your favorite whiskey on the rocks from basic to exceptional with perfectly oversized cubes. A fitted lid prevents spills and allows easy stacking in the freezer.

Olivewood Cutting Board - A handy little cutting board for small projects. Perfect for slicing citrus, chopping herbs, or serving cheese. 5" x 7"

Gold Citrus Juicer - A citrus juice of stainless construction, dipped in gold for a beautiful finish.

Gray Waffle Weave Bar Towel - 100% cotton, highly absorbent.

Organic Cane Sugar Simple SyrupThis organic cane simple syrup is truly that, simple. Made with only100% organic cane sugar with no added preservatives, coloring, or artificial ingredients. This essential bar ingredient makes getting creative so easy! It offers a clean, rich flavor for blending your own cocktails and mocktails or sweeting your tea, coffee, or baking.

Artisan Cocktail CherriesUse them in a cocktail, mocktail, a honey baked ham, or on your favorite dessert. Michigan grown Balaton cherries harvested at peak season, with real sugar and a hint of spice. A delicious dye and preservative-free alternative to maraschino cherries

Dehydrated Blood Orange SlicesPerfect for cocktail garnish, cake decoration, mulled wine..

Maple Bourbon AlmondsMaple Bourbon Almonds were inspired by a local Maple farmer who aged his Maple Syrup in Bourbon barrels. We use real bourbon which enhances the flavor of these nuts. They are crunchy, sweet, and bursting with flavor. All of the alcohol is cooked out of this product, so it is safe for the whole family!

Hammonds Candies Caramel PopcornHammond's crave-worthy Caramel Corn is popped to perfection!

Hammonds Candies Cheesy Pizza Popcorn - This delicious snack has the perfect pop of Pizza blend spice

Dark Chocolate Mini-melsSmooth and silky dark chocolate coats a decadent center of rich and chewy caramel in these sophisticated little morsels. Delicious and perfectly poppable, these dark chocolate caramels make a dreamy addition to any sweet spread. Gluten-Free.


Need more for your bar or beverages at home? Shop our organic cocktail syrups, small-batch garnishes, and snacks      

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