African Artisan Impact

We are very proud to offer unique and handmade items sourced from remote villages around Africa through Fairtrade partners. Unfortunately many of these remote villages have been greatly impacted by COVID this year, both through illness as well as government restriction on work and quarantine. Many have had to slow or completely stop production until further notice, or are struggling to keep food on the table.
In response to these difficulties, our import partner has been able to issue a number of relief grants to those in need. These grants help provide shelter and food as well as vital resources for those who are able to resume their trades.
Relief grants have been issued to artisans in multiple regions of Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, and Senegal.
We are unfortunately unable to keep all of our favorite products in stock at all times, but will restock as soon as we are able. If there's something you wish to purchase when it's back, please sign up for a stock notification so you can grab it before it's gone.
We thank you so much for your support in purchasing these handmade items, and your patience in waiting for restocks, and we will continue to source amazing products from people who are doing good.