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Rainbow Sour Belts

Rainbow Sour Belts

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These delicious and mouth-puckering multi-colored strips are a candy that makes everything better. Chewy, fruity, sweet and sour, they're a favorite snack on their own or add them to a care package. Made without corn syrup. 4oz.

Ethically sourced. Fair trade. No added nitrates or nitrites. No antibiotics.

We love Candy Club's twist top containers for easy snacking and keeping your goodies fresh.


Candy Club is the perfect addition to any upcoming event or just to treat yourself! 

We are a premium candy company with deliciously fun, unique candy from all around the world! Our candy brings a modern twist on classic sweets, making it whimsical for kids with a touch of nostalgia for adults. Our whimsical packaging is just the beginning. With the delectable taste of our specially curated candy, we bring the fun in buying candy. The unique, playful packaging and delicious taste of our candy delight families and those looking to add a bit of “sweetness” to their day. 

Made in the USA


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