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Olive Oil & Sel Gris BITES

Olive Oil & Sel Gris BITES

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Light and flaky, made with extra virgin olive oil and grey sea salt from France.


A favorite throughout Napa Valley, so we had to have them in our shop. Rustic Bakery uses traditional methods of baking with simple, clean ingredients and natural leavening, no fillers and no junk. 

Contains: Wheat Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Sourdough Starter (organic wheat flour, water), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Sel Gris

4 oz.


About Rustic Bakery:

Carol LeValley & Josh Harris started Rustic Bakery, Inc. on a whim in 2005. LeValley was born in upstate New York, but grew up in Danville and Huntington Beach, and Harris was born and raised in Walnut Creek. They both attribute their preparedness for the pace of Rustic’s growth to their previous vocational incarnations as buyers and designers in the fashion world. The couple found their passion for baking in a simple sourdough flatbread cracker that Carol would whip up for friends. In January 2006, Rustic Bakery Inc. showed their wares at the annual Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, where industry buyers discovered the crackers and suddenly every cheese place in America wanted them. A cracker is simply flour, water, and salt. But ours have leaven, and rise slowly and ferment like bread.


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