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Marigold Dish Towel + Kitchen Sponge Set

Marigold Dish Towel + Kitchen Sponge Set

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I kind of freaked out when I saw this towel - it's the first one I saw with these designs and immediately thought "NEED THAT". I personally have come to love having marigolds in my garden the past few years, and now I grow a bunch of different kinds for enjoying outside, cuttings for the home, or garnishing pretty dishes (yep, they are edible!) They are such a fun pop of color and always make me think of sunny summer days with my feet in the grass, soaking in the last bit of afternoon sunshine. Brighten up any kitchen, any time of the year, with these cute garden flower towels. This set contains one patterned dish cloth towel one swedish sponge cloth.

Printed with a cute and colorful LEMON graphic on both the towel and dish cloth. Most of our towels are typically covered with food stains (and maybe a burn hole or two), but we definitely like to dress things up a little for a relaxing day off or company in the kitchen. These are the cutest towels with big, bold, colorful designs and I admittedly love having one of these in the kitchen to brighten up the day. And these make a great gift! This set contains one patterned dish cloth towel one swedish sponge cloth.

TOWEL • Each towel measures approx. 24"x26" (size tolerance 2-3")
 • All natural, unbleached 100% cotton • Machine washable
 • Hand screen-printed with eco-friendly, water-based inks

SPONGE CLOTH These Swedish sponge cloths are an eco-friendly replacement for kitchen sponges and paper towels. They last for months and are biodegradable or compostable, making cleaning up cute with less waste. • Sponge measures 6.8” x 7.75” • Made of 100% biodegradable material • Hole on top to make it easier to hang by the sink + display in your shop • Screen printed with waterbased, eco-friendly ink • Can be cleaned in dishwasher or washing machine • Soft and pliable when wet, and dries quickly in between uses.


The Neighborgoods is based in Washington DC and is a women-owned business. Their products are inspired by the beauty of food and how it brings people together – whether through baking cupcakes, making homemade jams, or sharing a love of beets. 


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