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Cross Back Cotton Apron - Long Dress

Cross Back Cotton Apron - Long Dress

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My favorite apron for everyday, because it makes me feel cute and fancy without being uncomfortable or bulky. If only everything could be that way...

Cozy and cute in the most functional way, our Cross Back Long Apron gives you full protection from your project of choice. Try our new lightweight linen-like or heavy duty version made of double-thick cotton for hard work and longer wear.

The classic cross back cotton apron gets a new look with this kitchen must-have. A flowy, easy fit with open cross-back closure goes over just about anything you have on, so you can focus on the task at hand, and feel cute while you do it.  As a professional chef for over 10 years, I spent almost every day in a traditional apron. They always pulled on my neck, bunched around the waist, came loose, or the loops got caught on things. Our cross back style aprons are a comfortable alternative designed for all-day, any-project wear, with convenient pockets and a loose but comfortable fit.

Made of washable cotton, premium or heavy duty.

One size. Approx. 41 inch length, fits appr. sizes 2-16. 

we're moving our manufacturing to a 100% U.S.A. based zero-waste facility and fair trade fabrics.

Looking for a shorter version? Try our Cross Back Cotton Apron - Mid Length


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