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Home Baking Kit

Home Baking Kit

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Filled with must-have essentials for any home baker plus a few fun extras, our exclusive Home Baking Kit has all the goodies for making professional-quality beautiful cookies, pastries, and pies at home. We've put in our favorite 20" French-style rolling pin made with beautiful and sturdy Acacia wood, a reusable silicone mat for baking, plus a large silicone pastry measuring mat that's great for rolling out and working with dough. For finishing pies and handheld pastries, we've added edging stamps with three different patterns. There's a double-sided cutting wheel for straight and decorative cuts, a reusable pie weight chain, handy little thumbprint cookie cutters, and an adjustable pie shield to keep those pie edges from burning. 

Use this home baking set to stock your own kitchen or send a gift box to a friend who loves to bake.

Our Home Baking Kit Includes:

20" sustainably harvested Acacia French Rolling Pin, Silicone Pastry Measuring Mat, Silicone Baking Mat, Adjustable Pie Edge Shield, Pastry Edge Stamps, Pie Weight Chain, Thumbprint Cookie Cutters, Double Edge Pastry Wheel/Cutter.


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