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Gravity Loose Leaf Tea Maker

Gravity Loose Leaf Tea Maker

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Sips by's Loose Leaf Tea Maker helps you brew the perfect cup of tea each time. Its gravity-powered design and stainless steel filter ensure no leaves make their way into your cup and allow for easy cleanup, no tea bag necessary.

BPA-free * 16 oz capacity * Hand wash * Do not microwave

More about our small batch partner....

From Sips by, a woman-owned company based in Austin, TX since 2017

Tea-ffs Staci and Melanie met when Staci was starting Sips by, a personalized tea discovery service that matches tea drinkers to teas and tea brands big and small around the world. After thousands of tea sits and having served hundreds of thousands of customers over the past five years, Staci and Melanie have turned their love for tea and showing people their path to tea into a variety of joy-inspiring tea products that engage and delight tea drinkers around the world. We're grateful for the opportunity to share tea with you.


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