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Dough Bowl Candle - Coffee Haus

Dough Bowl Candle - Coffee Haus

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COFFEE HAUS: Warm rich dark roast coffee with a touch of cream and sugar. 

Count me in for anything multipurpose - these dough bowl candles are both a candle (obviously) and a dough bowl (obviously!). They have a beautiful, natural appeal with real wood wicks and are filled with our favorite room-filling scents.

Dough bowls are uniquely hand-carved in Mexico from natural wood and, once they're cleaned, serve as a wonderful spot for serving roasted nuts or storing your keys.

Filled with 14-16 oz. of biodegradable, U.S. harvested soy wax (that easily cleans up with soap and water), 3 natural wood wicks, plus the finest quality fragrance and essential oils. Wood wicks create a relaxing flame and faint crackling sounds like logs in a fire. Burning instructions included.

9"-10" L x 6"-7" W x 2'"-3" D


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