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Bacon Marmalade - Eat This Yum

Bacon Marmalade - Eat This Yum

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Do we need to say much? This delicious sweet and savory spread is made with uncured bacon, orange, and balsamic caramalized onion for a unique flavor that tastes great on any cheese board, slathered on a steamy burger, dolloped on roasted vegetables, or paired with a piece of seared salmon.

2.5 oz jar

Ingredients: bacon, oranges, organic sugar, balsamic caramelized onions garlic, thyme, lemon juice


Started in 2010 by a chef of over 35 years, Firehouse Jams has developed a line of sweet and savory condiments meant to pair with every course. Unique, complex, yet well-balanced flavors preserved using only cane sugar and lemon. 5% of profits donated to Delaware Valley Volunteer Firehouse.

Made in United States of America


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