We're Switching to Zero Waste Aprons!

So what does zero waste mean anyway?

In a nutshell, it means there is little to no waste (or unused fabric) in the making of our aprons. In most clothing manufacturing, leftover fabric is thrown away after the patterns for sewing are cut. This fabric waste ends up in all-too-familiar landfills with other fast fashion goods. Instead of tossing our extra fabric in the trash, we make the most out of our textiles in multiple ways. Some of our excess fabric is used for different products that you’ll see in our shop, and any leftover is processed into pulp that will be used as a natural insulation.

We're also switching to Fairtrade Fabric!

We believe in fair pay across the board, so in addition to fairtrade fabrics from our supplier, our manufacturer also pays the talented people who make our aprons an above-living wage for their skilled work. Unfortunately, most people who work in the garment industry are paid a below living wage, and work long hours in less-than-favorable conditions.
Fairtrade companies provide many benefits to these hardworking people, such as better pay, the ability to unionize, regulated work hours, and a safer work environment.

Did we mention our new manufacturer is solar powered too? It just keeps getting better!

Using solar energy instead of traditional power helps reduce pollution because it does not rely on fossil fuels to produce energy. The emissions from traditional fossil fuels affect not only the quality of our air, but our water and soil as well. It’s another way that we can make our aprons without a negative impact on the world around us.

Oh hey, it's based America!

Yep, our aprons are proudly made in the U.S.A. Now more than ever, we feel it is important to support jobs in this country…especially jobs that require skilled hands. Our patterns and aprons are handmade by real people who get up and go to work just like you. As we talked about before, many overseas manufacturing operations provide undesirable working conditions, so we are proud to raise our standards for a better supply chain and fair workplace for everyone.

None of this would be possible without your purchases – so THANK YOU for helping us support clean, sustainable manufacturing and a better environment for skilled work.


...So let's be real, why don't we charge a lot more?

Typically products that are "sustainable" or "eco-friendly" have a higher price tag than products that aren't. It's the same complaint we see with cheap fast food versus expensive, organic healthy options. While it's true that these products do cost more to make, we believe everyone can have access to better options with the right business structure.
We aren't a profit-first company - our focus is on supporting the right supply chain, paying everyone fairly, and making less of a mess along the way. The way we see it - the more aprons we make, the more jobs we support, the more people we positively impact.