Terracotta Serving and Baking Dish

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If you don't have some terracotta in your kitchen, get some! Humans have been cooking with it for centuries for a reason. Terra cotta retains heat for a while, so will keep your dishes warm making it a great oven-to-table vessel for a family style meal. It absorbs and transfers heat evenly, for better baked and roasted goods. It also looks nicer as it ages, taking on scuffs, scratches, and burn marks that are a badge from years of use. If you like the rustic feel and use of cast iron, you'll love cooking with terracotta. Each dish is handmade and unique.

Great for serving, baking, roasting, or cooking over heat. Pro tip - start your terracotta in a cool oven and allow it to heat gradually to prevent cracking. It's best to avoid sudden, drastic temperature changes. You can also soak terracotta in water for 15 minutes before heating for extra crack protection. Hand wash with warm water and soap.

Made in Peru. Size:12"L x 6.75"W x 2"H

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