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The Unicorn Butterfly Sparkle Box - Large

The Unicorn Butterfly Sparkle Box - Large

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Send a fun box of unforgettable smiles with our Unicorn Butterfly Sparkle Box, because even the name is exciting. Full of fun candies (hello, Unicorn Gummies, Mermaid Pearls and Cosmic Sours!), cruncy vanilla almonds , chocolate coated popcorn, and chewy hazelut caramels, glittering collagen eye gels, and magical color-changing butterfly pea tea. We even included our favorite gravity teapot and a rainbow iridescent double-wall glass mug. Then it's all packaged up in a cute little wooden box with glittery filler to add sparkle.

We've also included ingredients for a fabulous afternoon of fun drinks, with delicious small-bath teas and a sweet lemon syrup. Use the Meyer Lemon syrup to make an easy sweet lemonade, sparkling lemon soda, or add a splash in either tea to watch the color change naturally! A magical box of drinks and snacks for the fairytale fan in your life.

Nicely packaged in a wooden box. To send as a gift with a note, please choose your card and complete this option at checkout.

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We take pride in building the best boxes FULL of our favorite snacks and high-quality gifts. 


Our Favorites in this box are:

Plum Deluxe Magical Color-Changing Butterfly Tea - We all know the story about the magical transformation that a creates a butterfly – have you heard of the magical butterfly pea flower tea? These vibrant blue flowers from Asia transform a simple tea drink into a magical blue concoction! This is a delicious herbal tea with the butterfly pea flowers, a unique blend of berries and a splash of creamy vanilla to make a yummy herbal tea great for any tea party or gathering.

Plum Deluxe Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - Butterfly pea flowers, a magical flower native to Asia, transform any cup of tea or glass of lemonade into a vibrant blue hue due to the natural pigments in the tea. The addition of any high acid ingredient, such as lemon or lime, increases the wonderful blue hue. Simply add a pinch of flowers to your tea or lemonade when it is brewing and remove when the color pigment you desire is achieved. 

Gravity Loose Leaf Tea Maker - Sips by's Loose Leaf Tea Maker helps you brew the perfect cup of tea each time. Its gravity-powered design and stainless steel filter ensure no leaves make their way into your cup and allow for easy cleanup, no tea bag necessary. BPA Free

Iridescent Double-wall Glass Mug - This glass mug's double-wall design keeps your tea hot longer while the exterior wall stays cool to the touch. The iridescent shine makes every cup of tea magical. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Portland Syrups Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup - This Meyer Lemon Syrup with fresh Meyer Lemon juice, puree, organic lemon concentrate and organic cane sugar. Use this flavor powerhouse to mix up sparkling lemon treats, warm herbal teas, lemon drop cocktails and mocktails and a huge variety of drinks that will have your guests lost for words! Simply add to any unflavored sparkling water and build your drink as you would with a ready-to-drink lemonade

Candy Club Unicorn Gummies - Unicorns are forever a favorite, and now you can eat them as gummies! Biting into one of these is a fantastic experience, and each unicorn gummy candy has a delicious fruit flavor and a distinct texture that's simply magical! If you don't believe in unicorns yet, these part marshmallow, part gummy candies might just convert you!

Candy Club Mermaid Pearls - Mermaid Pearls are the go-to choice for Princess Parties, Valentine's Day Fun, even Anniversaries. These pretty pearls of rich milk chocolate coated in thin, crisp candy shells are bright, beautiful, and fun! Stock up on these eye-catching Mermaid Pearl candies today!

Candy Club Cosmic Sours -Feel like exploring deep space? These fruit-flavored gummies in a shimmery sour sugar coating will open up a new galaxy of flavor— experience gummy moons and star-shaped candies in dazzling neon colors. Perfect for space-themed parties and events!

Jacobsen Salt Co. Salty Hazelnut Caramels - The original with a twisty, Jacobsen Salt Co. took their Classic Salty Caramel and built on the original recipe by adding in roasted Jefferson hazelnuts grown by Ash Creek, a family-run farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and bits of buttery toffee. 

Nat's Nuts Vanilla Rum Almonds - Vanilla Rum Almonds are delicious! They are made with Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract, and are roasted to perfection. You and your customers will find these irresistible.

Maree Under Eye Gels with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid


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