Colorblock Apron Scrap Towel 2-Pack

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Made from our Cross Back Apron fabric scraps! Part of our zero-waste mission, some of our apron scraps are recycled into these colorful towels, and the rest get recycled for use as insulation.

These "AP" (All Purpose) colorblock cotton towels can double as a nice dinner napkin or a sturdy work towel. Stick one in your pocket while you move around, use it to handle hot pans, or lay it over your lap to keep your fancy pants clean.

Each napkin is slightly different, made from leftover soft but strong cotton, and sewn with a frayed edge design. Pre-washed and ready for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Pack of (2) 100% Fair Trade cotton towels. Approx. 14.5" x 8". 

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