5 Blade Fresh Herb Scissors

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Laugh all you want, I really don't care - this silly-but-amazing kitchen hack is one worth sharing. Thanks to these genius scissors, I can easily enjoy fresh herbs on anything I want in seconds, without having to wash a cutting board or deal with extra mess.

Just grab a little bunch of your fresh herbs, a few quick snips over your food, and that's it! Fresh herbs on everything, which (if you didn't know) pack a ton of health benefits in addition to making food taste better. Easily use parsley, basil, rosemary, oregano, chives, and more.

Use the different-sized middle holes to strip herbs like rosemary and thyme from the stem, or tie a bouquet using the handles to hold your bunch together. The 5-bladed end quickly chops herbs for cooking or garnishing. Great for home cooks, and people that can't cook at all.

8" Length. 

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