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Everyday home essentials kit // but make it sustainable! A simple set of our favorite easy solutions for any kitchen, to help reduce unnecessary waste and clean with more natural products. Available individually or as a complete set. Makes a great gift for housewarmings, newlyweds, new parents, college students, or eco-friendly folks.

(1) Natural fiber coconut brush with wood handle for scrubbing pots and pans, to replace steel wool.

(1) Sisal multipurpose scrub brush with wood handle for dishes and cleaning.

(1) Long wood handle coconut fiber brush for cleaning bottles.

(4) Biodegradeable paper fiber sponges made from plant cellulose that naturally breaks down in compost or a landfill after 3-4 weeks . These things are genius! Like a sponge/cloth hybrid that works great for dishes, cleaning, soaking spills, or gentle scrubbing. Soften in water and use for up to 3 months. Cut in half or into 4 pieces for handy daily use size.

(3) Reusable silicone food bags for sandwiches, snacks, or even liquids! These bags stand up for easy pouring and seal tight. Safe to freeze or boil.

(6) Stretchy silicone bowl covers in various sizes - a handy alternative to single use plastics like wraps and bags. Use these to also cover cups, cut fruit or vegetables, and plates.

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