Reusable Cotton Produce Bags with Weight 3pk

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Reducing plastic, one produce bag at a time. Don't you just love when saving the world is easy?

These reusable, washable cotton produce bags are already labeled with their own weight, so they are handy and ready to head to the market. Sturdy and secure with a drawstring closure.

I won't get into how many plastic bags clog up the water or end up inside of marine animals, but we all know it's a lot. These bags are an easy way we can all help reduce waste. Grab some for a friend too!

Includes 3 sizes - small (8 inch x 12 inch), medium (12 inch x 14 inch), large (12 inch x 17 inch) 

Made of natural cotton mesh.

5% of sales of this product is donated to ocean clean-up funds - thank you for your help!

*thank you for your support and patience during these crazy times!*

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