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(Pre-order or get notified) We're making our comfortable Mid Length Cross Back Apron in a soft WATERPROOF RECYCLED NYLON! Perfect for worry-free painting, pottery, farming, hair styling, or whatever project you love that makes a mess. It's like a rain coat...but it's an apron!

Plastic-free, reusable, recycled, and comfortable - just rinse it off and air dry when you're done.

Double-layer, REVERSIBLE fabric with pockets. Made of eco-friendly waterproof recycled nylon. 5% of sales donated to ocean clean-up projects.

Currently in a limited production run, shipping in December 2020.


I'm pretty good at getting whatever I'm working with all over myself - whether it's paint, glitter, chocolate, or some type of glue, you can bet that a majority of the clothes in my closet have something that I can't get out. That's me - the kind of person that needs an apron for living life - because they are cute, functional, and can save the rest of your clothes from your own self.

Get crafty with your favorite projects in our Mid Length Cross Back Apron. Perfect for casual cooking at home, painting, pottery, or anything else that makes a mess, Easy and comfortable to wear all day, just rinse and let dry when you're done.

The classic cross back cotton apron gets a new look with this kitchen must-have. A flowy, easy fit with open cross-back closure goes over just about anything you have on, so you can focus on the task at hand, and be comfy while you do it.  As a professional chef for over 10 years, I spent almost every day in a traditional apron. They always pulled on my neck, bunched around the waist, came loose, or the loops got caught on things. Our cross back style aprons are a comfortable alternative designed for all-day, any-project wear, with convenient pockets and a loose fit.

Sizing: Approx. 37 inch length, 42 inch chest, 42 inch hip measurements. Fits approx size 2 - 14.

Looking for something longer or shorter? Check out our Cotton Cross Back Apron - Long Dress or Cotton Cross Back Apron - Short
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